1. Mission
    1. The missions and goals of “IT Futsal Cup” are:
      1. Establishment of warmer relations among staff of IT companies,
      2. Promotion of healthy lifestyle in IT companies
  2. Participants and tournament regulations
    1. The tournament is played among teams consisted of employees of IT companies
      1. Amateur teams representing IT companies
      2. Players only representing IT companies
      3. Companies may be represented in the tournament by any number of teams, or by a joint team with another company
    2. The Organizer is defining the participants, time frame and schedule of the tournament
    3. Time frame and schedule are announced before the tournament, on the day when the groups are drawn
    4. Refereeing team are appointed for each match, in the following structure: referee, second referee, timekeeper
    5. The referee has the responsibility of coordinating the group during the match
    6. The match protocol must be presented by each team’s representative before the match:
      1. Each team may include up to 2 players from other organization
      2. The protocol must include up to 12 players
      3. Substitutions may only be done among the players in the protocol
    7. Only players included in the match protocol may be present on the substitution bench during the match
    8. Technical defeat (0:6) is recorded for the team which does not present themselves to the match. The deadline is 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the match.
    9. The matches are regulated using futsal rules:
      1. The matches take place using a football of size 4 (futsal)
      2. The number of substitutions is unlimited
      3. The match is played by 5 players on each side (4 in-field and a goalkeeper)
      4. If the teams do not agree on the selection of football, the match is played using the ball selected by the referee
    10. Before the match, the teams and referees greet each other and the spectators on the field
  3. Refereeing
    1. The refereeing is conducted by the referee staff appointed by the Organizer
    2. The appointment of referees is done by the chief referee of the tournament
    3. The appointed referees must be present on the field 10 minutes before the match
    4. The second referee and the timekeeper check the match protocol and the documents of players. They bear the responsibility for the correctness of the protocol along with the team leaders
    5. The referees must inform the chief referee of any violations before, during and after the match
  4. The responsibility of team leaders and players
    1. The participants must abide the current regulations, display respect for the opponents and referees
    2. Team leaders are responsible for the attitude and behavior of their team players and fans; must not interfere with referee’s decisions
    3. Sportswear must correspond to the futsal rules and players not abiding will not play
    4. The color of goalkeepers shirt must differ from that of players of both teams and the referees
    5. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the field
  5. Complaints
    1. The teams can file a complaint on the result of separate matches, if:
      1. The complaint is related to the completion of the match ahead of time
      2. The complaint is related to unjustified prolonging of the match time, which has resulted in the modification of the score line
      3. Violation of of points 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.6, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 has been recorded
    2. The complaint must be presented to the referee and opponent team’s leader immediately after the match
  6. Expenses
    1. The Organizer is making all the expenses (tournament organization, service expenses, playground), using the participation fees from all teams
  7. Defining winners
    1. Tie Breakers - If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following tie-breaking criteria would be applied:
      1. Higher number of points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question,
      2. Superior goal difference resulting from the matches played between the teams in question,
      3. Higher number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question; If, after having applied criteria 1 to 3, teams still had an equal ranking (e.g. if criteria 1 to 3 were applied to three teams that were level on points initially and these criteria separated one team from the other two who still have an equal ranking), criteria 1 to 3 would be reapplied exclusively to the matches between the teams who were still level to determine their final rankings. If this procedure did not lead to a decision, criteria 4 to 5 would apply,
      4. Superior goal difference in all group matches,
      5. Higher number of goals scored in all group matches.
    2. Qualification - 16 teams proceed to the Round of 16. That includes the winners and runner-up from each group, as well as the best 4 3rd placed teams. The draw for the Round of 16 will be seeded, where the winners and the best 2 2nd placed teams will be seeded. The teams which qualified from the same group cannot play each other in the Round of 16. The best 4 3rd placed teams are determined by the following:
      1. The best 2 3rd placed teams qualify automatically,
      2. The rest 4 3rd placed teams form two pairs and will determine the qualifiers in play-off matches. The pairs will be identified by an unseeded draw. The best 2nd placed teams, as well as the best 3rd placed teams will be determined by the following criteria:
        1. Higher number of points obtained
        2. Superior goal difference,
      3. Higher number of goals scored,
      4. Draw In calculating the criteria listed above, the results against the 6th placed teams is excluded for each group where there are 6 teams involved (i.e. groups B, C, D, E, F).
  8. Rewards
    1. In IT Futsal Cup
      1. The team winning the tournament is rewarded with The Cup and diploma
      2. The team taking the second place of the tournament is rewarded with a Cup of Second Grade and diploma
      3. The team taking the third place of the tournament is rewarded with a Cup of Third Grade and diploma
      4. Best Goalkeeper, Best Player (identified by survey), Top Scorer are rewarded with corresponding prizes and diploma
  9. Application
    1. 12 players are bid to participate for each team
    2. It is only allowed to bid the employees of the given IT company, or employees of IT departments of other companies (legionaries)
    3. It is allowed to bid up to 2 legionaries
    4. No legionaries are allowed in joint teams between 2 different companies
    5. All players in the application, including legionaries, must be registered with their respective companies for at least 2 months prior to the application date
    6. Players registered in official football and futsal tournaments in the Rep. of Armenia for 4 years prior are not eligible for application bid
    7. The teams must present all the supporting documentation (employment certificates, etc.) with the application form
    8. There will be contracts between The Organizer and each participating team to define the rights and obligations of both sides.
  10. Penalties
    1. A player is disqualified and misses the next match if getting two yellow or a red card during any match
    2. If an unbid player is identified, the team will get a technical defeat (0:6)
    3. For violations of points 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6 the team will get a technical defeat (0:6)
    4. In case of complaints, the decision of The Organizer (or chief referee appointed by The Organizer) is final, and can further be debated by legal means in the court
    5. Exceptions from the current regulation can only be made if prior agreement is reached with The Organizer
  11. Important dates
    1. Application deadline is February 23rd, 2018
    2. The Group Stage Draw will take place on February 28th, 2018
    3. The matches of IT Futsal Cup 2018 will commence on March 3rd, 2018